Study Reveals Help For Diabetics With Hypertension

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Although the incidences of Hypertension and Diabetes persist in the African–American community in alarming numbers – almost one in three has Hypertension and one in six Diabetes – medical advances in treatment for patients who have both are offering much needed help. A recent study reported by the International Society on Hypertension in Blacks found that a combination therapy of two powerful Hypertension drugs helped patients significantly lower their blood pressure in a short time.

It is common for African–Americans with Type 2 Diabetes to also have Hypertension. This dangerous disease duo can have devastating effects on health leading to heart disease, stroke and even death. However, study indicators offer hope by enabling patients to bring blood pressure levels down to acceptable norms by taking a daily dose of medicines that had originally been prescribed for Hypertension patients alone. In order for the therapy to work effectively, tight control must still be maintained through diet, exercise and a continued regimen of ongoing medications used to control Diabetes, like insulin.

Sixty percent of the medical study’s 269 participants reached their goal of reduced blood pressure levels during the 24–week study period. This is encouraging news for the larger population of African–Americans who suffer from these killer diseases. Still, the combination therapy may not be right for everyone. Blacks with Hypertension and Diabetes are urged to talk to their doctors about whether this dual medication therapy may be appropriate for them.

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