AIDS: Crisis Not Over

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You may think the AIDS crisis is over. After all, Magic Johnson still looks pretty healthy and everybody talks about living with the disease instead of dying from it.

If this is what you think, you’re dead wrong. Do the math: AIDS, once thought to be a gay male disease, is devastating the Black community with 50% of all new cases occurring among African–Americans. It is the number two killer of Black men and the number three cause of death among African–American women. One in 160 Black women is infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. One in 50 Black men is HIV infected.

And though people are living longer with AIDS, there is still no cure.

But there is something you can do. The best way to prevent AIDS is not to become infected with HIV. The best way to prevent HIV is to avoid having unprotected sex. Have sex only in a monogamous relationship. Use a latex condom each time you have sex. Remember that people with HIV often appear healthy. If you think you’ve been exposed, get tested.

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