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1 Samuel 15:22 And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice...

This verse of scripture deals with a conversation the prophet Samuel had with King Saul after he did not obey God’s directions. Samuel told the king Saul something we should all keep in mind, "to obey is better than sacrifice."

This is a common problem in the church and among those receiving help. Saul thought his disobedience to God could be taken care of by just offering a sacrifice. King Saul would have done well to "just followed directions."

Frequently people receiving medical treatment act in the same manner King Saul. They reason: I won’t take the medicine the way it has been prescribed and I’ll just double the dose the next time I take it, or I’m supposed to go to the doctor once a month, but I’m feeling fine so I think I’ll just skip my medical appointment for the next few months. My all time favorite excuse is; my doctor told me not to eat this type of food, but I’m going to eat whatever I want regardless of what they say, I know my body better than they do.

I understand we all break the rules sometimes, but there will be occasions where complete obedience to what your doctor has instructed you to do may be essential for you to remain in good health. We need to learn to "just follow directions" in spite of our personal thoughts or feelings on our "journey to wellness."God ultimately removed Saul from being king due to his disobedience and his unwillingness to "just followed directions."

I would not want to deal with the fact that my reason for not recovering from an illness was due to my failure to "just followed directions." The majority of instructions given by your physians or health care provider regarding our health do not usually require any special talent, intellectual abilities or deep spiritual revelation. Most of the directions given to us are easy to follow and typically require some simple repetitive actions to maintain our health.

Remember, the instructions God gave King Saul to follow were very simple. King Saul allowed his own personal desires to get in the way of a completely successful victory given to him by God.

The cemetery is filled with far too many folk who would have never wound up there so early if they had "just followed directions." I have personally seen people die from conditions and illnesses that were completely treatable and curable if they would have "just followed directions."I have known people that have refused to simply take blood pressure medication and die from a stroke that was totally preventable. I’ve also known people who are dealing with diabetes that tenaciously refuse to follow any dietary restrictions or take the medication "God" has provided for them through the medical community. All of the consequences of these illnesses could be totally preventable if the people would have "just followed directions."

In the year ahead, resolve to do everything in your power to help maintain your health. Not following simple directions can become a major obstacle to your recovery on your "journey to wellness." Make a personal and powerful resolution to "just follow directions" when it comes to your health.

Blessings on your journey to wellness in 2005!!
Rev. G.W. Tyles

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