Grand Rapids African-American Health Institute

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Name of Organization or Program?

Grand Rapids African–American Health Institute


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GVSU Cook–DeVos Center for Health Sciences
301 Michigan St. NE, Suite 400
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Type of Organization or Program (select one from list below)?

  2. OTHER – nonprofit 501(c)(3)

Population served (select one from list below)?

  1. THER – African Americans living in Grand Rapids, Michigan

What is this organizations major contribution to the health of the community?

The Grand Rapids African American Health Institute’s mission is, “to promote health care parity in the Grand Rapids African American community through advocacy, education and research to achieve positive health outcomes.”

Through the mission, GRAAHI will address its vision, “that all West Michigan residents will have optimal health care and benefits from health systems without race being an impediment.”

Has this organization faced any obstacles in providing the service?

GRAAHI does not provide any direct services. It addresses the health disparities faced by African–Americans through education, advocacy and research primarily focused at the system level.

What/who makes this organization so special?

GRAAHI was developed from a working committee through the Grand Rapids Urban League who looked at the health disparities faced within the Grand Rapids community. After reviewing those disparities, a proposal was written to address disparities faced by African–Americans, who are having the poorest health outcomes in this community. Since the poor health outcomes overall do not affect only this population but are carried on the shoulders of all those living in this community, improved health outcomes for African Americans will also be felt throughout the community.

If you could do or say one thing to thank this organization–what would it be?

An organization is made up of individuals who work tirelessly to create the mission and vision of the organization and have an impact on those it serves. GRAAHI is here today through the efforts of many individuals although there is one individual who’s passion has had a huge impact. This individual is part of the soul of the organization — Dr. Khan Nedd, MD,— who currently is the chair of the GRAAHI Board of Directors and who is giving his time in–kind as GRAAHI’s acting clinical director.

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