Skin Moles

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As we age, many African–American women develop skin moles. Moles appear as dark spots or...


0 judith terry 2009-09-07 12:02
my grandmother had lots of moles. As a child I had moles from grammar school to high school. I have children and they do not have any moles. I try to have them laser off but thy returned back in the same spots that were lasered off. I do need more information on skin care. sometimes I may have to use soap occationally but not that offen. Could you give me more advise on what to do. It's not as though I don't know if it is caused of mixed heritage. My father skin was not so good my on my father side had to use medication on his skin when he was a child and later his skin cleared up. And my grandmother on my dad's side was creole and her skin was clear. I am the only one who caught all the moles. Not my sister or brothe just me. Please reply Thank you
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