Be Physically Active Without Spending a Dime

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You don't need to spend a fortune to be physically active. In fact, you can be active in many ways without spending any money. Here are a few ideas to get you moving for free!

Close to home

• Get some exercise and socialize with friends while you walk the entire mall.
• Get your garden or yard in shape, and you'll shape up, too.
• Make your own weights from household items - plastic milk jugs filled with sand or water, bags of rice, soup cans, or bottles of water.
• Rather than driving, walk when doing errands.

In your community

• Try out free demonstration exercise classes at your local senior center or fitness center.
• Participate in community-sponsored fun runs or walks.
• Join a basketball or baseball league that plays at your community center.

In the great outdoors

• Go for a hike in a park.
• Learn about trees and plants while exploring a local arboretum.
• Help your community by participating in a stream clean-up effort.

All year round

• Borrow a bicycle and ride around the neighborhood to admire the spring flowers.
• Play an early-morning tennis match at your community courts in the summer.
• Jog through the park and breathe in the crisp fall air.
• Go sledding or cross country skiing in the winter.

Quick Tip

Be creative! The only limit to free physical activity opportunities is your imagination!

• Read more tips for adding physical activity to your day.
• Order a free exercise guide or DVD.
• Share your exercise story.

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