Health Tips for Weight Management

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Obesity has become a huge problem in this country. Some of the health problems related to obesity include high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, type–2 diabetes and certain forms of cancer.

Managing your weight is a personal decision. It is one of those things that only you can do. It’s time now to be good to yourself. Several things contribute to the obesity problem, but many of them concern your food choices. Eating too many fried and fatty foods, as well as eating at fast food restaurants too often can lead to obesity. Another problem is drinking sweetened beverages such as juice and soda instead of water when you are thirsty. Additionally, skipping meals is just as bad for your body’s weight as overeating because you tend to fill your stomach with unhealthy snacks (those high in fat and calories) or will eat too much at a later meal. Two other factors in weight management are a lack of physical activity and cultural beliefs about body image.

Making small changes in your lifestyle can go a long way in improving your health and managing your weight. Some of these may be difficult at first, but they will soon become a way of life if you stick with them.

Tips to improve your health:

  • Keep a food diary for a few days to understand your eating habits.
  • Eat in moderation, pull out those measuring cups and use the ½ cup as your guide for portion control.
  • Avoid beverages sweetened with sugar as they contain too many empty calories, drink lots of water, diet drinks in moderation
  • Start every day with breakfast: oatmeal or whole grain cereals with low fat milk, whole wheat toast with low fat peanut butter, and low fat, low sugar yogurt with fruit are great choices.
  • Avoid eating one large meal a day; eat 3 small healthy meals with 1–3 low–calorie snacks.
  • When served large meals at restaurants, take ½ home for another meal.
  • Decrease the amount of fried and fatty foods you eat. Pull the skin off chicken and trim visible fat on meats. Bake, broil, or oven fry.
  • Instead of fatty meats to flavor vegetables, use lower fat seasonings such as onion, celery, garlic, peppers, low sodium broth, low fat margarine or very lean meats.
  • Limit sweets such as cookies, candy, ice cream, and share desserts with others.
  • Become physically active, walk in the mall, do chair exercises while watching TV, join a fitness center, exercise with a friend or group, take short walks on your lunch break, or take the stairs instead of elevator


0 Dr. Mary Harris 2009-02-27 16:14
Thanks so much for this question.  Apparently, there is great interest in using Vitamin B12 shots to loose weight--so here's what I know.  Vitamin B12 shots are often given to people who suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency or chronic fatigue syndrome. I’m not familiar with any scientific documentation that reports that vitamin B12 shots actually cause weight loss.  What the shots do however, is your boost energy level.  An increased energy level might help someone already on a diet and exercise program to stick to it—thereby resulting in weight loss.  The tried and true formula for weight loss= a well balanced diet + portion control +  regular exercise + burning more calories daily that you consume through food and drink.   
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0 Wanda Spivey 2009-02-27 15:41
Do you have an opinion on a current trend of using B12 shots and metabolism boosters to loose weight?
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