Everyday is Thanksgiving - Live Life In the Moment. Be Thankful!

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The first thing that comes to mind for most people around the Thanksgiving holiday is probably a table full of good food, a house full of family and friends, and day–long football games. Thanksgiving is a day to consider all of the blessing in our lives. While being thankful for family, prosperity, and a roof over our heads tend to be at the top of the list for most people, there are a whole host of other things that we should not forget about–namely just being thankful that we are alive, and that tomorrow might just lend itself to try something new, say a kind word to someone, apologize if you must, laugh a little louder, smile, smell the air, or join an exercise class.

Ask anyone who has experienced euphoria or weathered their way through a storm what it felt like when it was over, and they will probably tell you that there was a feeling of thankfulness. Feeling thankful is the human response to being released to freedom, that is to say, to personal wholeness. An unknown author once said to be thankful means to count your blessings instead of your crosses, to count your gains instead of your losses, to enjoy your joys instead of your woes, to count your friends instead of your foes, to count your smiles instead of your tears, to count your full years instead of your lean, to count your deeds instead of your mean, and to count your health instead of your wealth.

No matter where you are in your life, make a concerted effort to wake–up and be thankful for your family, friends, health, wealth, career, and the challenges that await you. First and foremost, it is important that we be thankful for the family members and/or friends who have supported us in good and bad times. Secondly, all of us should be extraordinarily grateful to be alive. So, if the opportunity avails itself to IMPROVE your health, by all means IMPROVE it. Regardless of how much money you have the bank, it will not matter one bit if you are too sick to enjoy it. Also, no matter what your financial status, give something back to your community or to a stranger. There is thankfulness in giving! Lastly, without our struggles and mistakes, there is no learning and therefore no progress–so be thankful for them too.

Being thankful provides you the opportunity to raise your personal awareness and to channel the desires of your heart. So, when the universe fulfills some of your desires, in even the smallest degree, how do you receive them? Do you turn your nose up at them? Do you wish you never wanted them? Or do you accept them with appreciation and gratitude? How you receive these gifts will determine how they continue to come into your life. If you want to improve your ability to manifest what you want and enjoy your manifestations even more, then receive all your experiences with appreciation and gratitude. Welcome them. Ask for more of them. Be thankful for them. And they will increase. This works with anything you desire – food, wealth, health, and love. Moreover, thankfulness increases your experience of joy. You do not actually need anything physical to experience joy, but it is through the manifestation of your desires that you come to know how to experience joy.

Last but not least, it is important that each of us take time to slow down or just stop to focus on ourselves and our surroundings. Why wait for Thanksgiving to express your thankfulness when you can do it everyday of your life?

For more information, contact the National Contact and Center on Black, Inc. at 202–637–8400 or visit www.ncba–aged.org.

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