A Cool Option for Treating Hot Flashes

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Just in time for the long, hot summer, there's an innovative new way to keep cool when temperatures rise.

COOL OFFTM pre-moistened towelettes provide a quick, convenient way to relieve heat symptoms in any setting: while exercising, working or playing outdoors, traveling or dealing with hot flashes. The product, the only one of its kind, is now available in stores.


The towelettes are infused with natural ingredients that include cooling herbs, plant botanicals, and essential oils, all with a clean, fresh scent. The product soothes and moisturizes skin as it provides instant and long-lasting relief from the heat.


The ultra-soft towelettes come in convenient single-use packets, making it easy to keep them in purses, gym bags, backpacks, cars, golf bags, desk drawers, even pockets.  COOL OFFTM is easy to use anytime a refreshing lift is needed. Simply press a COOL OFFTM luxurious towelette on the back of the neck, inner arms, or back of the knees for several seconds to allow the herbal infusion to fully penetrate and build the chill. Also use the towelette to blot the forehead and other desired areas.

Consumers report that the COOL OFFTM chill lasts approximately 20 minutes, with some reporting effects lasting up to an hour and a half. Plus, users can reactivate the towelette's cooling properties by splashing water on the skin where COOL OFFTM was applied, renewing the refreshing sensation.

COOL OFFTM towelettes are an ideal way to keep cool in a variety of activities: while playing or watching outdoor sports; while hiking, biking, running and other forms of exercise; getting into a hot car; while traveling; during visits to theme parks; while gardening and working in the yard; at the gym; even during hectic workdays at the office.


wilks.jpgDr. Sharon Wilks, MD., F.A.C.P.

Specialties:  Medical Oncology & Hematology


"I have patients who are giving me so much positive feedback about the product.

COOL OFF is a great product for menopause.  I have a number of patients who cannot take hormone replacement therapy because estrogen is contra indicated.  They may have a situation where estrogen use would promote cancer to return.  This product does not contain estrogen and some of the ingredients offer great alternatives to estrogen for relief.  Since it is a product that one applies topically, there is less risk of estrogen absorption that could be a danger to women and men with some cancers.


Since COOL OFF® is a towelette, it avoids the use of tablets and unpleasant side effects that many existing drugs offer.  Also, it can provide relief when the person needs relief whether it's 10 times or 50 times a day."


For more information on COOL OFFTM visit www.TheQuickChill.com

The product is available at www.amazon.com, www.cvs.com, and www.drugstore.com.


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