A Healthy Body Makes for a Healthy Sex Life

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Great sex. It makes us feel good physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. It’s what every man and woman deserves. There are the obvious reasons to love intimate, satisfying sex: You feel better, relaxed, and more alive. It puts a smile on your face. And there is no better sleep medication on earth! But there is now evidence that sexual pleasure may even prolong our lives. A study in the British Medical Journal shows that men who have frequent orgasms have half the risk of dying from heart disease and other causes than men who have fewer orgasms. Other studies show that while the number of sexual encounters is most important in men, the quality of sex–or sexual satisfaction–is more important to women’s health and longevity. Still another study shows that sexual dissatisfaction may be a risk factor for heart disease in women. In other words, sex that is not satisfying may be worse than no sex at all. Now there’s a reason to take time to discover new ways to increase the pleasure in your sex life!

To get maximum pleasure, it is important that you start with a healthy body and mind. Did you know that everything that you eat or drink has the potential to affect your motivation or desire for sex, your ability to respond to sexual stimulation, and the intensity of your response? If you want a truly delicious sex life, make sure that you get all the vitamins and minerals you need from eating a healthy mix of various foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein.

Did you know that exercise is an aphrodisiac? Here’s why: Physical fitness contributes to overall health, enabling every part of your body to function better. Since sex is a total body experience, your enjoyment increases when your muscles, nerves, heart, lungs and blood vessels are at their peak performance. When you are healthy and more toned, you have a better self image and feel more confident. And that’s sexy! Exercise may also increase your levels of testosterone, the hormone of desire, boosting your libido. Sex itself is an aerobic exercise. What better way to strengthen your heart, tone your muscles, and shed a few pounds?

Sexual pleasure is an important part of a normal, balanced, healthy life. Your sexuality may change as you age and with the many various life stages, but there are ways to keep it exciting and alive forever. Take, for instance, marriage. If there is one fact that every woman, and man, needs to know before saying, "I do," it’s that sex will change after marriage. As early as the first year of matrimony, the frequency of sex decreases for most couples. Not only do they have less sex, many report less pleasure and sexual satisfaction. And unfortunately, this decline continues as the years pass. The truth is it’s normal and natural for the intensity of sex to decline over the course of a long–term relationship. But before you get depressed, know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Sex in marriage requires nurturing. And there is another reason to give it the attention it needs: Sexual intimacy increases your level of oxytocin, a brain chemical that bonds couples and makes them feel closer to each other. Keeping your sex life fresh and vibrant takes work, but it’s absolutely worth the effort.

Pleasure is exciting and exhilarating. And it’s as individual as you are. You deserve, and should feel entitled to, sexual pleasure.

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0 Janet Kincaid 2009-07-01 16:07
How do I know if my hormones are balance? How much does that play a part in your life?
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