Healthy Holiday Weight Maintenance

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It's holiday time again! A time to eat, drink, and be merry. All those tasty treats and great recipes are calling your name. You want to maintain your weight, BUT you also want to enjoy your holiday goodies.

What is a health conscious individual to do??

Start by making a commitment to yourself to maintain your weight during the holidays.  Then follow these helpful tips to stay on track and improve your health & fitness lifestyle:

  • Use smaller plates when available for dinner or snacking.
  • Eat Slowly. Take about 20 Minutes to finish your meal.
  • This season, try to implement one healthy dish into your seasonal cooking and maybe next year you can try two healthy recipes.


Finally, follow the E.X.E.R.C.I.S.E. principles to guide you in maintaining your weight in a healthy manner.

E - Eat: Don't skip meals. Prepare for those busy days by keeping some healthy snacks around as well as extra water.

X - eXtra: Avoid eating extras that you really don't want. Save those extra calories for those foods that really hit your taste buds.

E - Exercise: Don't compromise on your workouts during the holiday season. If possible increase your activity to burn off those excess calories you may consume.

R - Relax: For some the holidays can be very stressful, so be sure you take the time to relax and avoid possible emotional overeating.

C - Commitment: Make a commitment with a friend or family member to maintain your weight during the holidays. Accountability increases your chances for success.

I - Indulge: Indulge Moderately! It's okay to have a little more of your favorites. Just DON'T GO OVERBOARD! Moderation & Portion Size is the Key!

S - Sleep: Continue to get your rest. Don't let fatigue be the dictator of your eating habits.

E - Enjoy: With all of these rules, don't forget to enjoy your holidays and all that it entails.

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