The Truth About Celebrity Cleanses

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The Clean Program and the various detox remedies popularized by celebrities have a common thread of logic hitting at this idea that our bodies are filled with toxins/poisons. Also numerous alternative health providers including colon irrigations (colonics) and laxative teas promote this same concept. The detox concept is one which most everyone recognizes whether consciously or unconsciously, and yet it is hard to define. Almost everyone notes this feeling of lightness and energy after they have taken a laxative purge. But this is only a transient feeling lasting at most a day or two. In my introduction of Cure Constipation Now: A Doctor's Fiber Therapy to Cleanse and Heal, I discuss how colonics and other purgatives are the "Right idea, but wrong approach" to health.


Ever held a baby in your arms? You cannot help but be struck by the luster of the baby's skin and pristine appearance. Now gaze at an elderly octogenarian ambling slowly on a sidewalk, so stiff rather than limber like that baby. And it is not just all those years of being out in the sunlight that makes octogenarians look old; even their internal organs and their reflexes are not the same. Is there any way to delay the aging process? Could our bodies really be like an aquarium? Could doing a better job keeping our internal filters clear make a difference? More to the point, are cancer and Alzheimer's disease inevitable conditions that most of us must face as we age? If we cannot change our genes, can we delay the onset of these illnesses?

I believe that the answer to this last question is a resounding "Yes!" My premise is that a good-quality fiber program has a double-pronged attack on protecting your body. The first is moving all those leftovers out of your body in a timely manner, thereby interrupting the putrefaction process that would otherwise occur ... if food tastes good, why the bathroom odor? You wouldn't carry a bag of garbage on your shoulder all day long, but everyone just lets the stuff just sit inside all day, not recognizing the potential danger to their health-what I describe as the "red flag in the American bathroom" -- the foul odor that everyone just takes for granted actually signifies danger. Bathroom odor should be closer to the faint scent one notes on entering a grocery store, not a sewer! But a second important benefit is that good quality fiber scrubs your bile, helping remove any accumulated toxins from your body.

Think of the Sea of Galilee which is brimming with life, but only eighty miles to the south and connected by the same Jordan River, the Dead Sea is just that, even though it is much larger. Why the difference? The Jordan River flows completely through the Sea of Galilee with constant inflow and outflow, whereas the Dead Sea has no outlet other than by way of evaporation, sitting at 1,300 feet below sea level. Water continuously evaporates out of the Dead Sea, leaving behind salt and other minerals that are so concentrated that they are toxic to all but the hardiest life forms. In fact, the salt content of the Dead Sea is estimated to be nine times that of the Atlantic Ocean!

Your kidneys and liver have an effect similar to the Jordan River flowing through the Sea of Galilee, allowing the inflow and outflow of water and the discharge of toxic substances out of your bodies. But the liver's function of removing toxins from your body is impaired if one does not have regular intake of high quality, gut healthy dietary fiber. Unfortunately, the fiber found in fruits, vegetables and most whole wheat breads that are commonly available are surprisingly not a good source of healthy gut fiber (as explained in chapter 2). Knowing that your kidneys and liver are essential in ridding the body of any toxic wastes, you won't be surprised that cancer is more common in people with chronic kidney and liver disease. Everyone knows that when they have better bowel habits, they feel better. It's not complicated. Know also that good quality fiber helps regulate diabetes and prevent gallbladder and heart disease.





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