Episode 028: Exercise essential to CV health

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Jonah -- after a long night of getting his mother home and arguing about her new lifestyle -- drives Giamal to school (because Jonah will need the car later). Giamal seeks his dad's advice about the conflict with Catrice. Jonah tells his son to stand tall and not let a girl push him around. Giamal says Sarah pushes Jonah around, and Jonah says that's different and Giamal should mind his own business.

Sarah and Marie walk together -- Sarah is intimidated by Marie's apparent perfection in managing her health, and says so. Marie is flattered but points out while it's good that she's winning the fight with her CVD, Sarah seems to have done a better job in raising a child. Sarah's not so sure. Isn't she endangering her child's health by keeping her secret? Marie begs Sarah to disclose.

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