December 2005 - Dr. Mary Harris

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Welcome to! We've got a new attitude and a new look. We're creating a virtual health community to inform, inspire, and enable African-Americans to take better care of their health! In the coming months, we're going to bring you news, interviews, and information that we think will help you make positive changes about your health. We'll have archives of Journey To Wellness radio programs and interviews with people who understand your health problems and offer solutions that work. At Journey to Wellness, we recognize that good health is not a destination, it's a journey. Each issue of will offer products and services that we think will help you stay on your personal health journey.

Not only will we share information with you, we also want you to share your information with us! That's right–we want to hear from you!! We want you to share your personal experiences in dealing with and overcoming health challenges. Each month, we'll select personal stories submitted from our visitors to be featured in our "Personal Journey" section. We also want to hear from organizations across the country that are working 24/7 to improve the health of their community. After all, where would we be without the many wonderful community health agencies and organizations that keep our community strong and healthy? Each month, "From the Frontlines" will highlight a community health agency or program's commitment to keeping African-Americans strong and healthy!

For organizations in Atlanta, we've carved out a special section called the "Community Health Communications Network." This is a special section funded by the National Cancer Institute designed to let you know what's going on with respect to cancer care in the Atlanta area. We hope to expand the CHCN to include information outside of Atlanta in the future.

We hope you will visit the site often and that you will bookmark our location as well as pass it on to a friend–or better yet–to several friends!

With you on your journey to wellness,
Mary S. Harris,Ph.D./Executive Editor

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