January 2007 - Resolutions for My Journey in 2007

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Like so many of you, I too have made a list of resolutions for the New Year. Rather than creating a long list of the same old things (i.e., lose weight; get more rest; exercise more, etc.), I decided to keep my list short and to focus on some simple–but important– resolutions that I think will bring a healthy balance to my life, based on some things that I have come to learn or appreciate over the years.

In 2007, I resolve that:

  • because I appreciate the importance of a healthy body, I'm going to nourish my body with nutritious food;
  • because I understand the importance of a healthy and satisfied soul, I'm going to nourish my soul by indulging (not over-indulging) in dessert and fine wine without remorse or guilt;
  • because I understand that tomorrow is not promised, I'm going to celebrate getting older, because all things considered, it's better than the alternative;
  • because I understand that physical strength is a gift that can be easily taken away by accident or illness, I'm going to strengthen my body with regular exercise;
  • because I understand that a healthy body and a healthy soul are necessary to navigate life, I'm going to strengthen my soul with dedicated time for prayer and meditation;
  • because I understand that love is a powerful healing agent, I'm going to tone my arms with repeated hugs of those I love;
  • because I've learned that growing older really is wonderful, I'm going to tone my facial muscles with more laughter and forget about plastic surgery;
  • because I truly believe that life is a journey of lessons, I resolve to go the distance, learn the lessons, and enjoy the journey;

Wishing you good health, good friends, and good fortune on your journey to wellness in 2007!!
Dr. Mary S. Harris

If you'd like to share your New Year's resolutions for healthier living, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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