January 2010 - Health Reform 2010: Resolve to Take Personal Responsibility for Your Health

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This year is going to be different.  No more of the same old lame New Year’s resolutions.  You know what I’m talking about:  lose (the same) 10-15 pounds, exercise more, eat healthier.  This year, let’s take the New Year’s resolution to a higher level.

For 2010, let’s resolve to take more personal responsibility for what we choose to do, for what happens or doesn’t happen.  No more blaming the other guy; waiting on someone else; or passing the buck.  No more “if only he/she/they would have, could have, should have.”  Let’s resolve that in 2010, we ‘fess up and step up.”

Remember, “nothing changes if nothing changes.”  Taking personal responsibility for whatever comes your way requires courage, persistence and action! You’re going to have to get busy and create the good you want to come into your life.   Resolve to no longer be a passive observer of life—content to just let things happen to you or accept whatever might happen to fall into your life. You have the power to make good, positive choices.  You have the ability to say “yes” or “no.”  Use that power wisely.  Take time to think and plan your success.  Don’t just sit around and hope that something wonderful will happen.  Make it happen. Resolve that success or failure is up to YOU!

So, in 2010, instead of making a lot of resolutions that will ultimately fall by the wayside, why not make one simple powerful resolution--to truly be the master of your fate.  If you deliver on that promise to yourself, you’ll be surprised at how quickly all of that other stuff you resolved in years past (that never got done) will materialize and fall into place.

Wishing you a very happy, prosperous, and healthy New Year.  But keep in mind, that’s really up to you!

With you on your Journey to Wellness…
Dr. Mary S. Harris


0 Dr. Mary S. Harris 2010-01-11 16:08
Hello Terry. Thanks for the kind words. Try the National Medical Association in Washington, DC ( http://www.nmanet.org)--they would have an up to date listing.

With you on your Journey to Wellness,
Dr. Mary S. Harris
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0 terry 2010-01-11 16:06
i've been searching online for an african american physician & have come up w/alot of outdated or non-existant lists/websites.
i cannot tell you how frustrating that has been.
wuold you happen to know of a current listing? i could wait until my daughter graduates from grad school but she has an extensive & impressive list of areas & training that deals w/precisely this--the lack of physicians for us in every area of our lives.
thanks for the opportunity to ask/send comment, and thanks for this great online presence you have here.
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