November 2012 - Give Thanks for Good Health

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Autumn or Fall-whichever word you prefer-this is a glorious time of year, punctuated with vibrant colors, warm sunny days, blue skies, and cool nights. A time when we reap the benefits of seeds planted and nurtured earlier in the year. A time of harvest, celebration and giving thanks.

As we're sitting around the Thanksgiving table, often we're so focused on giving thanks for all of the wonderful food we're about to eat (or overeat), that we forget to take time to reflect on those things that have put us on the road to good health. Perhaps you adopted a healthier diet or began a regular exercise program. Or, if you were a smoker, perhaps you took steps to quit. If you were overweight, perhaps you resolved to lose weight-and actually stuck with a weight loss program. Maybe you made that trip to the doctor for your health care screenings and have begun to manage your high blood pressure or control your blood sugar; or you finally had that mammogram, prostate exam, or colonoscopy that you've been putting off for years. Perhaps you have faced up to an addiction to drugs or alcohol and have begun treatment. If you planted any of these seeds for your good health, use this time to give thanks for the good that has--and will- come from your efforts.

As you gather with family and friends to celebrate with good times and good food, use the time to plant seeds of health and happiness-for yourself, your family, and your friends. Don't forget the power of love (spread it around in place of the butter)! Encourage friends and family to take care of themselves. Take a few minutes to let your friends and loved ones know how much they mean to you and how important it is that they take care of their health. Make health a fun part of your gathering-create a weight-loss challenge, form an exercise group, offer a prize to the person that can come up with the best tasting "healthy recipe," or offer an award to the person that has made the most progress with their health. And when you finish eating that delicious meal, don't just sit around and watch TV. Get up from the table and do something fun and physical that involves everyone for at least 30 minutes. Go for a brisk walk, ride bikes, or simply put on some music and dance, celebrate, and give thanks!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

With you on your Journey To Wellness...Dr. Mary S. Harris

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